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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Leonids this morning (19 November)

A view of the north-eastern horizon at 4:00 am AEST on 19 November (similar views will be seen at equivalent times eg Adelaide at 4:00 am ACST). click to enlarge.

If getting up for Comet 17P/Holmes, why not hang around to see the Leonids? The Leonid meteor shower occurs in the early morning of Monday, 19 November (actually it's been going for a while but the peak occurs at this time this year). It will not be very exciting as the main peak occurs in daylight as seen from Australia, but we may get as many as 10 meteors an hour around 4:00am. The point of origin of the meteors is roughly in the sickle of Leo, near the bright star Regulus, which will be in the north-east. Saturn will be nearby, and Venus will be rising, so it will make a nice mornings viewing.


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